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Cross- curricular workshops link subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and History with the Physical Education Curricula. Utilising movement and exercise to provide visual, auditory and kinaesthetic ways for the students to process any given information, supporting numerous different learning styles.
The unique IN THE LIMELIGHT syllabi contains units of work, which address all of the key competencies in the National Curriculum. The sessions allow students to learn through movement, feeling the subjects through their bodies and ultimately bringing topics to life!
Sam the Scientist 


These workshops lead young Scientists, Astronauts and Doctors on journeys through the elements, space or even the body. Children creatively explore different materials, the solar system and the composition of the body, whilst developing their movement and dance skills.

Abdel the Author


During these workshops budding Novelists, Editors and Journalists will use movement to make the stories come alive, characters will be created from poems or books, using dance, singing and acting. Sessions can be focused on specific aspects of the curriculum such as sentence structure or a particular author or can work on a number of core areas. 

Matty the Mathematician

These workshops develop youthful Mathematicians, Economists and Accountants physically, whilst covering key areas of the National Curriculum. Appealing to different learning styles and allowing students to engage in a different way to topics such as numbers, shapes, fractions and telling the time. 

George the Geographist


Within these sessions juvenile Pilots, Meteorologists and Cartographers explore different areas and places in the world, moving from country to country. Students will experience the dances, stories, music, cultures and languages associated with each destination. Areas covered could include a number of countries or continents, or could focus on one area such as India or Africa to complement studies within the classroom. 

Harry the Historian


Throughout these cross-curricular sessions, student Anthropologists, Historians and Researchers will study different religions, events and values through sequences of movement and choreography. Links will be made between beliefs, origins, rules and or ways of life and dance and exercise. This can again be a distinct topic area, such as the gunpowder plot, the Tudors, Vikings, or the Victorians or can cover numerous events on a timeline. 

New IT workshop...
Tom the Technical Consultant. 
Computer science dance coding sessions. 
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